h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

I took a 4 day weekend and headed to the Midwest…Minnesota! It was good to see everyone, they were all suprised to see how big my tummy was. My sister said it was different to have not seen me grow, just all of a sudden almost 6 months pregnant.

They threw me a wonderful shower at mom’s house. I got a LOT of pink stuff, including an amazing afgan that a friend of our family, Edie made. My mom did manage to find this really cute black and white dress for the baby, maybe for next year. My luggage was so heavy on the way home, Thank you to all who came to the shower and helped Justin and I start a place for our new daughter!

I spent most of my time with my family. I went to the zoo with my two nephews (Ben 5, Ayden 2) on the way to the airport. And we grilled out one night and played come boccie ball. Ben took the picture of me in the pink shirt, he loves taking pictures!
It was a great trip to relax a bit and soak in the family time!








Justin and I headed to Gilroy (where Justin is from) for Mother’s day this year! Justin got to play golf with his Dad and brothers and I got to enjoy a lovely Tea with Karen at a local Tea House. We has some extra family come for Karen’s Mother’s day dinner and enjoyed a dinner out. It was a quick weekend but a good visit.

When my friend Ginette came to work on Friday of this weekend to take me to the airport my co-workers compared our stomach’s and then said “Beth, are you sure you’re not having twins?” I’ve been getting that kind of reaction a lot lately when I tell people how much farther I have to go! I guess I’m just short and “all baby” as they say!


We rented a new place in Poway that we are very excited about! It is close to Justin’s work and has a yard for our dog Sam, but still room for visitors (hint hint to all who live far far away!). The best part in planning for the future is that it’s not on the third floor like our old place that was without an elevator. So, this is where we will bring our baby home to! It’s strange to know she will be able to say this was her first home!