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It was a good week last week, most of my family was able to come out and visit us one last time before we become 3! We visited the exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls here in San Diego, which was VERY interesting! Of course we had some seafood, hit up the beach and saw the new Harry Potter Movie :) It was nice just to hang out, and then on Sunday we met up in Santa Ana with extended family for a family reunion! That was really great to hear many stories of the people before me and for Justin to hear about our daughters relatives!

I’ve gotten a few questions on the name thing…. well, it has taken us such a long time to narrow down a “girl” name that we have only gotten down to 3 names and are holding there. Only one of them has a matching middle name right now. So, the plan right now is to meet her first and go from there! :) You’ll just have to wait in anticipation because right now they are a secret!

Other than being more tired, things are going well. I’ve started to go to my Dr apts every week until the end. The time has gone by a bit faster than I thought it would but I’m thinking these last weeks will slow down a bit in anticipation! I am still working full time, right now the last day is set for August 3rd (of course Justin would LOVE for me to quit a bit earlier!) Last week I had a fight with my wedding ring on my finger, but I won and it finally came off with a bit of pain. We are in the midst of a bunch of classes that we signed up for, which has been nice, just to be more informed on things. I think that is the main update here!

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