h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

We are constantly amazed at how fast H is growing up! New words all the time and she is getting more and more independent. I forgot in the last blog her favorite word: Uh-oh!

We have given up on Happy Meals due to her lack of interest in the food, but in the few we did get, there were some cute toys. 2 of them came with these little walkman type things that play a song and soon after she learned to work it, the dancing started! We call it her ipod….

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Does this mean the “dress-up” has already begun? Oh the fun we will have!

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Haley seems to be changing so much these days! Here are some of the words she says, things she likes to do and glimpses into her personality.

For sure words: Duck, bye-bye, Yuckie, Mama, Dada, Dog, Uh-oh, Walk, Up, Book, Ball, Yes. The words that  only we can understand at this point is: Bubbles, socks and shoes

About a week ago, she started to lean back on us when we would sit with her on our lap to watch a movie. It’s pretty nice, we both feel like it takes us back to the days when she used to sleep on us and we had been missing that!

She gives high-five, the staff likes to do this with her when they see her coming around.

About 4-5 days ago we finally got her confidence up to walk with us, only holding one hand. (It saves our backs a lot!) She is getting more and more sturdy, and we are a bit more patiently waiting for the “real” walking since she’s made this change!

Walking with Dad

Walking with Dad

She is doing really really well crawling up the steps on her own, we have 46 stairs up to our apartment and she makes it from bottom to top at least 2 times a day! She’s usually sweating by the time we get to our apt. but she loves it and talks the whole way up, usually saying “Yes” after each step.

When she’s crawling around the house and finds something she doesn’t know or doesn’t like she looks at me and put her hand out to me and says “Yuck.” I usually pick if off her hand or pretend to when there is nothing and she goes back to what she was doing….it’s pretty cute!

It’s not ALL fun and games (of course) and Haley has fine tuned a small cry/whine when things aren’t quite going her way or she wants something. It didn’t take long for us to recognize the real pain cry from these mini-fake-crying times and are working on letting her know that she is OK and not everything is “for the baby.”

Justin just mentioned this morning that it is a fun time in her life and it is getting more and more fun to play with her, more interaction, less entertaining! I agree, we are having fun and looking forward to the fall coming, playing in leaves and walking in the woods!

I just realized as I went to write in Haley’s calendar…that Haley’s calendar is over! August is over. I have written something for her, about her, everyday for over a year. Wow, it seems strange to not have to keep it close and remember the things I wanted to let her know about herself. I am really thankful that I did it, that I stuck with it and took the time.
A lady came here to work at the mission from Iowa and she gave me a good idea that her daughters do. Have a journal for each child. A place where I can keep thoughts in, record the major things that happen, accomplishments, sad times, etc. I got one last month in anticipation of the end of the calendar. I think right now I am most looking forward to writing two things in the journal: 1. Haley Walked today! (I’m secretly praying this will be an entry SOON) and 2. I am excited to write down the funny things she says as she gets older! Maybe even have a “key” to the words that as her mom I understand and no one else can.
I guess ending the calendar isn’t that bad, the more I think about the journal, the more excited I am!