h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

Haley has been able to hold onto our hands and walk in some form since early July. We were convinced at the time that she would be an early walker since she was always so steady on her legs. Since then we have found out that she is an extremely independent YET cautious little girl. She wants to do things on her own in her own timing. Our frustration has been that we were expecting that once she finally started walking on her own it would still be a long process of instability until she started walking better. Again she did things her own way. Tonight she decided that she would start walking for real. She went from cautiously walking between furniture, maybe 2-3 steps, to walking all around the house in about a half hour. Here is a short video of her walking before we put her to bed. Another EXCITING day at the Higgins residence!

Two new videos I took this week:

She’s got some new moves in her dancing repertoire!

Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week, on Friday. She just let go, on her own…as of today she took 3 steps after letting go! Exciting times!

Can you help me? We just got our flight info for Dec/Jan and it I am getting nervous about flying with a 16 month old and only 2 seats. I’ve been looking on line a bit for ideas but thought I’d throw it out there for people who might have ideas that have been tried, even maybe at home but are really good attention holders!? I’d welcome any idea (and prayer for our trip too if you think of us)! Thanks in advance!