h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

We ended up spending time at the pool both Saturday and today. It was a fun time at the “Strandbad” in Baden (a sand/pool area) yesterday and at the pool here at our house today. Haley has grown up so much since swimming last year, she was going down the slide all alone, up the stairs, down the slide…again and again. Today J had her floating along with the water wings and got her to jump into him. He started to throw her in the air at the end of the afternoon, she liked it a lot and gave her typical “again” until he went a bit too high.


great stainless steel baby area that h loved

great stainless steel baby area that h loved

snack time #1

snack time #1


snack time #2

snack time #2

jumping right in

jumping right in


on the tube

one the tube


(a small note from the photographer: that midday sun is SO hard to shoot in, I’ve got a lot to learn!)

Haley loves these guys! They are always around (and SO soft), getting rides in her stroller, diapers put on and being used as pillows. Nana gave them to her with a Curious George book about the aquarium which we read daily…a little something that is part of Haley’s life right now!




Mom and dad thought it would be cute to buy me my own umbrella last week, they told me something about a “rainy season.” I thought it was going to be a good idea too, in fact when we were walking out of our house i said “Wow, Cute.” But then we got outside and this big thing popped open in front of my eyes, I was still doing ok, thinking that it was still cute. But then dad wanted me to hold it, with 2 hands. I can’t afford to not have both my hands tied up doing the same thing, I need at least one hand free for picking things up. I also wasn’t too fond of this big thing resting on my shoulder like dad showed me. I decided to cut my losses, leave it on the ground and go find the puddles…now THAT is what I call fun! Mom says I need “rain boots,” I hope those are more fun than the umbrella.








Some new things in Haley’s life these last few weeks:


Bonfire:H was very interested in the colors of the fire and since then has pointed out the bonfire pit to me every time we walk out the front door.


On one of our last “cooler” days we tried some watered down Hot Chocolate…it was a big hit! Have I mentioned that this girl LOVES chocolate? I’m always on watch for the intake of sweets!


A picture of H sleeping. This isn’t a first at all, but it has been SO long since I was able to sneak in and click a few shots without her waking up. The lighting was so great and she looked so cute! She sleeps with her little pink blankie and her strawberry blanket every night and nap!