h.e.h. & baby brother
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After lunch this afternoon we took Haley out to see if she wanted to ride with Opa on the “tractor” but she wasn’t ready yet. Mama tried to show her how fun it was but she wasn’t even willing to let her cabbage patch doll, Erika, take a ride. Haley held on to dad for dear life. Well, maybe next summer!

"See, Opa is give the grass a hair cut."

It’s been a bit of a whirl wind lately with taking our yearly US trip during the summer instead of the holidays which means a lot of travel, but in the midst of it all we wanted to make Haley’s birthday a special event! We started the morning with a chocolate chip “muffie” from Panera, this is such a cute word to hear her say and she really enjoyed it!

gotta love a "muffie"

I have to admit that we scheduled her 2 year check up the morning of her b-day so things didn’t start out on the best note, but only got better as the day went on. She had missed a check up in Austria so 5 shots and a finger prick were in order during the Dr. visit (she took the finger prick really well!).


The afternoon brought dad’s arrival from Austria and the afternoon/evening actually started going down hill as Haley’s legs started to get sore and she was in pain whenever we moved her….OK, now that I think about it, it was sad day and didn’t really get too much better except there in the middle (lunch at TGI Fridays with the fam and picking up dad). We did give her a chocolate ice cream cone in the evening which seemed to help with the pain. Celebration followed 2 days later…Happy Birthday daughter, we love you!

Cousins, a tough shot to get!

Cousins, a tough shot to get!

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me. Although there was a bit of driving in the car, I got to listen to Travel Times, my favorite CD so it went by fast. Mom was really excited to meet her new Dr and so was I at first until the end when I realized he wasn’t going to give me any candy for coming. Mom went in first to see the Dr and then Dad and I got to go in, it was really dark. Dad showed me the TV screen and pointed out a baby to me, I’m not sure if I saw exactly what he was showing me plus I was a bit concerned that they were hurting mama. She told me it was ok and then I started to hear this drum noise which I really liked, I asked the Dr. “again?” but he didn’t do it. We left and on the way to the car mama told me that I was going to have a brother, well, ok. She and Daddy were very excited so that make me excited too! Today mom & dad asked me what we should name him and i thought it was obvious but I told them anyway..”uh, brother.”

3 and 4 mo

Haley must have read my mind or my last blog because the two days following my post she picked out “different” things to wear on her feet. When Justin took her out to the grocery on Saturday she wore her penguin slippers out and then on Sunday afternoon she picked out these “slipper shoes” from last fall to wear on our walk. As soon as she put them on she informed me that they go “clip clop, clip clop” and said this off and on along the whole walk…I guess they’re more like horse shoes??

didn't know sketchers made horse shoes

didn't know sketchers made horse shoes