h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

He’s a month old already!
Matt at 1 mo. old:

Matt Q

Here are a few things Justin and I thought of last night during the Olympics about our son at 1 month old.
● he currently has absolutely no schedule
● he’s willing to take a pacifier sometimes which is helpful. His sister wouldn’t touch them.
● he is often trying to hold up his head and we’ve had a few minutes of “tummy time” so far.
● he likes to lay on the mat and has already been getting frustrated with his hands not grabbing a green leaf he sees. It was the first time he started “talking” not just crying, he told us all about it.
● he loves his sister, we can tell already! She constantly reminds me: “brother has chubby cheekers!”
● when JH measured him at 1 mo. his weight at home was 12.8 lbs. (unofficial) He is wearing some of his new 3 month clothes but not really filling them out.
● he is dealing with his first cold, including a nose to wipe and a baby size/pitiful/heartbreaking cough.

We are all still adjusting to being a family of 4, knowing that with each week it’s getting better and better!

We have a dear dear friend in San Diego, Ginette, who has started her own photography business and we LOVE her work. Even just as friends, we are so proud of her and with each post she puts on her photography blog, we are more and more jealous of her clients. We want her to take pictures of our family and our children! If you live in the San Diego area, check out her work, you would never regret getting to know this wonderfully talented woman!
When I knew that it was impossible for Ginette to take baby pictures of Matthew I wrote to tell her how sad we were but how inspired we were by her pics and therefore were going to attempt our on baby photo shoot. She was willing to write back with some links to her favorite photographers and give us some tips for the shoot. With Nana being here Justin and I were able to focus on the pictures while H was occupied. After shooting away we ended up with about 5 pictures that we liked, more than I expected with what we had to work with for lighting/setting.
Here is the outcome, Matthew at 12 days old: