h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

I am usually opposed to doing blogs out of order and I have yet to blog about our family vacation that we got back from 10 days ago but today Matt decided to laugh for the first time and we caught it on video! He is really becoming more and more aware and responsive to us which is so fun! We spend a good portion of his awake time each day smiling and “talking” with him on our laps, this boy has a LOT to say!

Last Thursday Matt turned 2 months old! It also turned out to be the first day of his first vacation and his first flight was that morning so we are a bit behind on getting his 2 month old info up. He had a big weekend of firsts and did a great job on the trip!

Matt, 2 months old

    A little insight into the “Matt’s world” at 2 months:

  • He has a semi-schedule, it seems to be forming but it is in a constant state of flux.
  • He has – in comparison – a lot of hair, but is getting a bald spot on his left side, and it is growing!  (Haley still has not had a real haircut at 2 1/2 ~ we never experienced a bald spot with her!)
  • He loves to sit and talk to us and doesn’t like to be left alone very long.  He also loves the ceiling fans and his “friends” that hang from his mat.
  • When he’s on the changing table, he loves to stare at the pictures on the bulletin board of his extended family, especially his auntie Mandy.
  • He had his first Dr. apt and his first vaccinations at 7 weeks old.  He weighed in at 6.2kg (13 lbs 11oz) and was 59.5cm (23.5in) tall.
  • He also had a follow-up ultrasound on his kidney’s and the fluid that was in them when he was born has been absorbed and all is OK.
  • He LOVES to take a bath and totally relaxes in the water, always has.

Matt's sister is becoming quite the photographer...

When Justin asked his parents for the Flip video camera this last Christmas, he told them that they would get so many more videos of the kids if he got the camera. It seemed to be the right thing to say, he got the camera and we love it. So far, I’ve done all the work but it’s easy to use and hopefully the whole family is enjoying the more regular videos of the kids! Here is one from this week, Matt on his mat, showing off his new smile that popped up in full force this week! I hope the little dimples he has stay around forever!