h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

He’s 3 months old!

This month started with a weekend of firsts for Matt. He had his first plane trip and first amusement park ride: The Pinocchio ride at Disneyland. He spent most of his time in the stroller allowing us to enjoy the parks with his sister. The night we got home from the trip, he slept “all night” from midnight until 7am. It’s not something he has continued to do but we are thankful for the sleep he does allow.

This month has provided a bit of a schedule which helps me know when I can get my work done. It exceptionally nice because as of right now he and his sister are taking an afternoon nap, at the same time!

He has his first shot this month and took it like a man. It got to him later in the afternoon so he had his first tiny does of Tylenol. These two things seem to always happen on the same day, first shot, first medicine.

He has discovered his hands and loves to look at those fists. He is still enthralled by the ceiling fans and his play mat. He is getting much more interested in his sister and watching her play next to him. He has also started to notice the TV if it catches his eye from his play mat.

He met his Oma and his auntie Jen this month in person. Not the digital family he is used to (skype). Their trip provided a lot of firsts: visit to the zoo, U-bahn ride and swimming. It was so fun for them to met him at such a young age, with us being so far away.

Some pics from this month:

She is a girl that you should know. If you know her, she will talk your ear off, if you don’t she is rather shy although she will shake your hand.

She loves to sing Jingle Bells and Your are My Sunshine and wants you to join in, whoever you are.

She has been in “potty” training for a week now and is really getting the hang of it. It wasn’t planned but she was ready I guess.

She says “Hi boy” whenever she sees her brother.

She woke us up from the bathroom 3 days ago, sitting on the toilette saying/yelling “Hello Mama and Daddy” over and over.

She can’t get enough of her scissors. Our house is covered in her confetti, she will cut a paper into the tiniest pieces she can, in any room on any surface. She cuts while she’s on the toilette.

She loves Toy Story 2, juice, pretzels, apples and her blankie. She still takes a 2 hour nap almost every day.

She often asks for her new sunglasses when she’s on the toilette so she can look at herself in the mirror on the back of the bathroom door. She’s learning how to slide the glasses up on her head when she comes inside but then often says “uh-oh, I lost my glasses” when she goes back outside.

She treats anything like a baby these days. Even her sippy cup needed a pacifier the other day. She made a baby carrier out of one of my tank tops by putting the straps over her head and wedging her baby in.

She prefers to walk around the house in just her underwear and no pants, even if she has shoes on. It’s so cute.

She is so over us taking pictures of her right now.

She is our daughter and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Thank you for the ears Auntie Mandy!