h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

I think this was the 4th time she came out of her room last night. The conversation went like this:

H to Dad: I have two questions for mama.
Dad: Ok, go ask mama, but then it’s back to bed.
H: Mama, I have 2 questions.
Mom: Ok, what are your questions?
H: My questions are…I don’t know my questions, because…I don’t know. One, Two (counting on her fingers). One eye, two eyes (pointing to my eyes)…how many teeth do you have?

At this point it was clear the stall wasn’t going to work and we headed back in her room again. I think for her age, she’s doing pretty well at the whole stalling for bed thing.
We went out to blow bubbles today, she is getting really good at catching them on her wand and can even set a bubble back on top of the bottle.

It was Saturday morning, H was excited to go to “the boys” soccer game and I thought I’d take a shot: “Do you want to have braids in your hair for the game?” She jumped on board! I put a “show” on and she stood still. After starting on the 2nd braid she put her hand on her head to feel the progress. All of a sudden I hear “No! Three! Mark, Jacob and Taylor!” She wanted one braid for each of the boys. I laughed to myself as I pulled out the current braids and said OK. It turned out better than I expected and “the boys” thought it was pretty cute too. She’s a good friend and real fan!

Popsicles from the gas station last week.

Matthew, he’s 4 months old.

He’s not a newborn any more. He can’t just fall asleep anywhere or with any noises. He sleeps best on his tummy and would prefer to be in his cradle vs. his car seat. He’s a baby now. After trying for weeks he’s finally ticklish (like the rest of the family) under his arms and a little under his neck, it’s so cute! His laugh has really grown up into a great giggle. He is eating about 5oz. of formula at each feeding and weighted in at 8.15 kg (18 lbs) at his check up this month. He is 66.5cm tall. His neck is so strong and he LOVES to stand up on our laps to talk right to us. He is just starting to turn his head more when we call his name from the side and is very interested in watching what his sister is doing.

We tried some baby cereal last week but it’s going to take some practice to get it down the throat and not down the chin. He takes 3 naps a day, the longest being in the late afternoon and has been going to bed around 9pm for the last week. We’re still working on sleeping through the night but I think I see some light at the end of the tunnel.

He went down a slide for the first time this month, has enjoyed his “johnny jump up” but in more of a swing fashion and has started to ride in his stroller without his carrier. He is drooling more than his sister EVER did and is starting to chew on everything. Teeth in our future?

Matthew…growing in so many ways each day! We love it!

Here at the Haus we have finished 2 sessions of classes. This last session, a woman came from Moldova named Olga. One evening outside she and H became good friends, even to the point where H stayed out with her when dad had to come inside, this has never happened before with a student. That night after playing ball forever, Olga had to go study and it was time for H to come in for bed. This was so hard for H to understand. Dad would explain over and over that Olga was studying and couldn’t play, her response would be “but I really really really like Yoga.” Then maybe 10 min. later he got “I’m going to call Yoga OK?”

Olga and H on her “new” scooter

The next day H got a letter from Olga, it was very exciting. It took a few days and a lot of stickers before H was done writing Olga back. H wanted to be extremely official and put the letter in the Haus mailbox. So, 3 min. before the dinner bell rang and in pouring rain we ran over to the office to put the red envelope in the box. After dinner I let Olga know where her letter was and she went to retrieve it. She came to back to explain: that was the first time she had ever gotten mail out of a mailbox and couldn’t wait to read it.

Then on Thursday of last week H got another letter from Olga, inviting her to the office after dinner for 15 min. to do a craft. Being new at using the mailbox, Olga had put H’s letter in the box first thing in the morning. I was a bit worried that the man from the post had picked it up but luckily he had left it in the box. That evening, H willing went to the office on her own without us and came back to tell me that she made something for me. It wasn’t until Sunday morning when I got up that I saw the “craft” on the coffee table waiting for me. Olga had made me a Mother’s day card and taught H the song “I am a promise”! Thanks Olga, thanks for being a good friend to H and taking the time to do a craft with her! Hopefully we’ll see you again this year for another class!

We were on our way to the office and she slipped on the stairs outside. She cried, I went to pick her up and wipe her hands off like we’ve been doing a lot lately, but then I saw blood all over her lip. I dropped my stuff, picked her up and started to run inside for cold water and ice. I’ll admit that tears started to well up but I had to check her out and see what we were dealing with. Ok, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, no teeth involved, just a cut or two on her lip. She bounced back surprisingly fast. She sat, reluctantly, with some ice on it for a few minutes and was ready to get back outside.

Shortly after the baby monitor beckoned us inside and as I was getting Matt out of bed, making a bottle etc. I heard her H in the bathroom, “what are you doing H?” Since nothing good can come from her in the bathroom alone, I went to check it out and met her in the hall….like this:

She’s got the idea right, but I don’t think it felt good pulling it off! I asked her all afternoon if her lip hurt and she kept saying no, just another bump along the road of childhood I guess. I hope most the future bumps are this small, I don’t think my heart can take anything much bigger.