h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

She loves her some chocolate…in any form! This week we made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for her cousin’s 5th birthday. We love good reasons to celebrate over here! It has made her whole week, eating a cupcake each day after lunch. By eat, I mean lick off all the frosting and somehow get it all over her hands and face, leaving all the cake. Normally I’m doing the dishes when she finishes and she always comes over to me, puts out her hands and says “Don’t touch me mom, I’m dirty OK?” then heads out to the bathroom to wash up. She loves to look in the mirror and see her chocolate beard, always a good laugh!

When I picked up H at school last week on Thurs at noon the teacher said “You are coming tonight right?” I had no idea what she was talking about but I said yes. I had figured there was something going on since there were picnic table set up all around the building outside. As soon as we got home I found the 2 papers from school that I hadn’t translated yet and figured out that “Sommerfest” was going on at 5pm at school. I was supposed to sign up to bring some food…oops. It was a time for the school to gather and celebrate summer coming, this year the theme was books. Luckily I had made M&M cookies that day, filled a plate and there you have it.

The kids started the evening in the gym with a song and a rhyme. I have to say it made me a bit sad at first when H wasn’t really participating, I kept wondering if she knew the words or was just being shy (of course it was all in German). Then she opened her mouth and sang the last line of the song. I got tears in my eyes! (Keep in mind this was our first school event!)
The kids would run back and forth to make an A.E.I.O or U on the floor during the song.

Each child at the school has a “symbol” at their coat hanger and it’s used on everything to identify what she has made etc. At this school her symbol is a tiger. They had made little flip books that listed all the “events” in the garden that we could do. Then at each event, after you finished you would get an alphabet sticker to put in your book.

We headed out to the garden and did all the events we could. At some stations we were unable to read the directions nor could we figure out what to do from watching others so we just skipped those! We still had a great time and H even mentioned it again yesterday, how much fun it was to play with mom and dad at school. All the events had to do with the alphabet and reading, we cut the letters of her name out of a magazine, made an H out of play dough, feathers, buttons & shells, rolled a letter dice and played hop scotch jumping to the letter on the dice….lots of fun alphabet games.

We had some snacks with the other parents & kids, met some new people. My cookies were a hit with the kids, probably a bit more sugar than they are used to! It was fun to attend our first school event for H…first of many!

We had yesterday off so we headed out to the zoo as a family. It’s always a fun day. They had a new South America exhibit that was interesting, H really liked the giant wood carved animals outside it. Here are some pictures:

Time is flying by. Matthew is 5 months old. This has been a big month with lots of new things to experience. This month, we’ll say it with pictures:

Really enjoying the Johnny Jump Up now that his toes can touch. We tried a phone book but he pushed it away with his feet.

We enjoy the walker everyday, sometimes more than once. Mostly when mom is cooking or doing dishes in the kitchen. He is getting so good at pushing backwards and his sister is getting good at saying “brother is stuck again” then pushing him forward so he start again.

Matt sat up on his own this month! He is practically bent in half when he does it and sometimes I swear I can see his feet turning purple. It is so fun to practice this. This is a pic from his first time.

He is started this month to be able to “participate” in reading book with his sister. It’s great, he really sees the pages and watching until the end.

This was Matt at his first school event for his sister. I had to laugh at this picture because I just know that it was the first in a long line of “school events” that he will have to attend and will not want to. Even at the age of 5 mo. he looks “bored” and probably wishing he were somewhere else!

He is now eating a full 6 oz. at each feeding. Still taking about 3 naps a day but they are getting shorter. He is watching everything, turning his head all over the place. And just these last few days of being 4 mo. old he has started to push with his right foot and look left, getting ready to roll over! He is in such a fun and exciting stage of life!

It seems like “we” get into certain things for a month or two, doing them almost everyday and then move on to new ideas & adventures a few weeks later. I just didn’t want to forget the small things we seem to do over and over these days or the exciting new things both the kids are doing. Some things going on around our place….

Holding all the balloons at once!

. We play with the “same” 12-15 water-balloons each day. They go in the tub at night with H and they get “washed” in the sink during the day. They come in all colors and sizes, “baby” size to “Daddy” size.

. We are enjoying our window A/C unit. Living on the 3rd floor of a big house with an industrial kitchen below that is always going, we are very thankful for our black blinds and A/C. It was so hot this last week that the pool went from hose water cold to refreshing in no time. H has gone in each day that she can and on her first outing of the year, she started to swim all alone from her daddy to Mr. Paul. (With her wings on) It was very exciting!

. M is really starting to get involved in life! He continues to “talk” to us but he has started to complain if he is laying on his back. We pulled out the walker and he loves it. He loves sitting up, seeing us and his world. He has even figured out how to “move” around in it by using his whole body. I have a feeling we will be chasing this guy real soon!

. “Mommy, let’s fight!” It’s not what it sounds like, but she does say it a couple times a day. She has really taking a liking to debating over who has claim to certain items. She calls it “fighting.” We debate over her blankie, her stuffed animals, the bathtub, food, really anything she can think of. It always ends in her running away from me with the item~laughing, wanting me to come chase her and tickle her to get it back. Good times!