h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

On Friday, H celebrated her birthday (next month) at school since it was the last day before a short summer break and they won’t be back until after her official birthday. I thought it would be fun to bring cupcakes since you never see them here, in the stores etc. Plus I had one box cake left from the US and it was H’s favorite flavor, Strawberry, so I saved a bunch of time and made that! I let H pick out the color of the icing, she went for purple over pink this time and then headed straight for the drawer of sprinkles. She got them all lined up, caps off and even did a little mixing of colors in the lids while she waited for me to make icing. It is such a hard idea to teach, sprinkles. I keep trying to think of a good way to explain it, don’t touch the frosting with the top, try to move it around, don’t dump it all in one spot….it’s a good thing kids love sprinkles!

I thought this might be a great chance to go to school and take some pictures of H with her classmates. Since I totally can not talk to the kids or the teacher well at all, I’ve been pretty hesitant to go into the class to take pictures. Dad usually takes H, but on Friday I did with cupcakes, camera and high hopes. Well, her teacher, took the cupcakes right away on the way to the kitchen. So, I realized I wasn’t going to get a class shot and quickly asked for a picture of H with her teacher. Over the months I have realized that it is a love/hate relationship that H has with her main teacher and I think this pictures says it all:

I picked H up from school at noon with an empty plate & container, a big “Danke” from the teacher and a smile on H’s face….she had 2 cupcakes that morning at school!

6 months old and so much fun!

  • Rode in the shopping cart for the first time this month. I can’t leave him without a hand on him but he can ride pretty well.
  • This month produced 2 lower front teeth! It was an exciting week when they came! He spent the 3-4 weeks leading up to it, pooping ALL the time and complaining a bit but in the end, they just showed up without too much trouble.
  • Started to eat baby cereal and some fruit/vegis. In the last 2 weeks or so, he is eating 2x a day, lunch and dinner
  • Absolutely loves to Skype with his family, just watching them move on the screen!
  • Is getting up one time a night between 4:30-6:15 am for a bottle and then going back to bed until 8am
  • Really working on sitting up more and reaching for things within his circle of reach! We have to be very careful with the dishes downstairs in the main dining room, he’s also turned up on the other side (rolled-over) a few times but there has been no official sighting yet.

Official stats at 6 months (taken at home):
Weight: 22.2 lbs / 10 kg
Height: 28.75 inch / 73 cm

There is nothing so cute as a baby laughing. Here is Matt from Wednesday being slap-happy. He does this from time to time where he just laughs and laughs. This outburst was probably due to a lack of sleep (or good sleep) the day before due to an all day trip to Vienna!

I’ve had these shirts for the kids since last August and I think I mentioned that the onsie for Matt wasn’t going to fit much longer. Finally on Sunday we took the kids outside for a mini-photo shoot. They were both in a good mood and we had a few more star burst left from the states to bribe Haley with! It was our first attempt at getting two children to smile at the same time…it went OK, but I can tell this could be a frustration for many years to come! Matt fit in his outfit perfectly! I pray this pair will be friends for life!

“Well, it doesn’t seem like you’re going anywhere soon.”

“Ok then, let’s be friends!”