h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

All we have around here are growing kids! The days go by and these two get older and older!
We are really trying to enjoy them every moment and celebrate them whenever we can! This year we celebrated H’s 3rd birthday here in Austria, we were also blessed to have her Opa and one of her Uncle’s here to celebrate with us!

Matt, Johann, Haley, Peter & Jacob

Back in June we were making our “wish list” of things for my dad to bring with him, I had seen an ad for Ballpark 100% Angus hot dogs and threw them on the list. My mom froze two packs and sent them over along with H’s requested cake pan this year : Lightening McQueen! My mind started turning and an “All American/Cars” birthday party was in the works. Living on the 3rd floor of our Haus wasn’t very conducive to the fun backyard grill-out I envisioned, so I asked our good (Austrian) friends, the Eggbauers, if we could have her party at their new house and they were so gracious to say yes! We packed up a bunch of stuff & food, they are expecting their 4th and we didn’t want them to have to do much more than clean their house, headed over on Saturday afternoon and had a great party that evening!

the cake:

Dagmar did such a great job decorating the house (leaving some things up from their son’s 3rd b-day 2 weeks ago) and setting up the perfect outdoor grill-out. Beautiful flowers on all the tables from their gardens and great fresh appetizers that everyone loved!

I had my brother bring pretzel rods and tried my hand at some chocolate work, it wasn’t as easy as it looks but I had it in my mind for the dessert table and didn’t stop until they were done!

Florian showed us a new way to heat up the charcoal to get the grill going. We asked if it was an Austrian thing but were told, no, it’s an Eggbauer thing. I’m not sure of the exact danger but I was pretty sure it wasn’t the best way to start up a grill!

You’ll notice the yellow mustard in my picture. I tried 3 different stores to get American yellow mustard to no success. I had been frustrated and complaining to a co-worker earlier in the week about it since this was the only thing missing from our spread. We even had dill relish and Hellman’s (Best) mayo from the states! My co-worker called on Saturday morning to see if the party was over, she had found French’s yellow mustard at another store and picked it up for us! Made my day! Thanks Robin!

I think for me it was even more fun to watch Dagmar have her first burger off the grill, possibly her first burger made at home. She wasn’t sure what to put on it, asking us with each topping what we would do. In the end she put all the toppings on (cheese, ketchup, mayo, mustard, onions, blue cheese & bacon). I think she really loved it! Talking to Flo & Dagmar the next day at church, they had agreed that they would try to make burgers on the grill “every once in awhile” from now on!

H was ready for the cake so she handed out the hats and we got the party started. The part of the party the kids were waiting for!

We sang, I think she was excited and a bit embarrassed:

She blew out the candle:

She opened presents (mainly things that can fit into our suitcases to come home later this year!):

We played some more on a sugar high from cake and ice cream (putting the ice cream with the cake:an American thing to do!):

Then we had our “drive in” movie showing of Cars. It worked out perfectly, thanks to dad’s technology knowledge and everyone enjoyed the show.

Haley baby, we love you with all our hearts and we feel so blessed to have been your parents for these 3 years. You have such an excitement for life, we pray that it will stay with you and keep you happy for years to come! You are one of a kind and we can not imagine our lives without you. We love you daughter, happy 3rd Birthday!

“This is what handsome looks like!”

7 months down, he’s closer to 1 year than he is to his birth…wow! It’s summer and we are having fun:
1st time on a swing…and then again and again! He loves it! He loves to sit in the swing and stare at boys playing in the park just wishing he could join in!
1st time swimming outdoors. Loves to splash!
1st time in the big tub with sister…he loves to splash, she does not love for him to splash. After a minute she said “I think he is ready to get out!”
He has started to roll over back and forth…mom and dad both got to see it and toward the end of this month he has started to “scoot” or “worm” his way backwards.
He loves to grab his feet, biting on his socks even while they are on his feet…something I think is so cute and his sister could never do.
He met two more men of the family, his Opa and his uncle James! It took a few days of him staring at them for him to warm up but now it’s a fun time!

M & his dad!

We converted H’s car into a play ride for M, he’s not going anywhere on this one!

Playing on the floor, practicing rolling.

Splashing in his tub in the big tub.

After Opa preached at International Church here on campus.

M & H



We love this boy with all our hearts. He makes us laugh, likes to snuggle with us when he’s tired and smiles all the time! He is the happiest baby we have ever met and most others say the same. It has taken such a short time for him to be a huge part of our family and the boy we could never imagine our lives without!