h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

It was a big month, I mean with a baby everything is “new” or for the “first time” but this month was extra fun!

Probably the most exciting thing for us as parents was that he got to meet 2 more family members this month. For the second month in a row. Specifically 2 more of the men in the family. The Higgins came to visit and he was re-introduced to Nana & Papa, having met them his first week of life and finally got to meet Uncle Phil and Uncle Jonathan in person.

A little bit about the rest of this month for Matthew:

  • Got both of his top middle teeth in and they are coming fast! He thinks it’s funny to bite our noses, it HURTS!
  • Is WAY more interested in our food. He even grabbed a Dorito out of dad’s hand as it was going in his mouth and put it in his own mouth. (That didn’t last long, just enough to taste the cheesy goodness!)
  • So, he is eating quite a bit more “real people” food and cutting back a tiny bit on the cereal.
  • Finally has accepted baby food. For the longest time he would only eat the baby cereals they make. I kept wondering if his taste buds were still developing. I guess they were and did because starting last week, he will eat anything I throw at him out of a jar.
  • Experienced his first two parties. Both for his sisters birthday.
  • Went on his first road trip. It was fun but he turned out to be one of those people who has serious “plumbing” issues while traveling. This wasn’t fun for anyone and seemed to be extremely painful for him.
  • He needs a a haircut already, but only above the ears.
  • Got a check up and his last set of shots until his 1 yr. check up.
  • Weights in at 22.6 lbs. (10.25 kg) and is 30″ tall (76 cm) tall.
  • Is sitting on his hands & knees, rocking back and forth.
  • Likes to stand up in his crib (with help) and hold on to the railing.

I really feel like we are on the edge of some big changes around here. Eating, crawling and the new world that will open up for him. God is so amazing and it is proven to me each day through my children.

He’s ready to show those teeth!

Thanks Papa for being my buddy on our vacation!

We were headed in the car this AM on our way to IKEA and this is how it went:

H: “Member” Jamsie?
M: Who?
H: Jamsie.
M: Who? (and I turn off the music completely because it’s hard to hear her behind me in the car!)
H: (much louder now) You know, Jamsie!!
M: Oh, Uncle Jamsie? My brother? I love him!
H: I love him too. He’s a special guy. (pause) And Opa, he’s a special guy too.
M: He is!
H: And “Unce Al” too! (Pause) And Oma is a special (pause…thinking of the right word) girl. And Auntie Mandy too.
M: They are!
H: Auntie Jen is a special girl too. (Another pause) Who else is special?
M: Ayden and Ben, they’re special boys.
H: Special Ayden and Special Ben.

(as a side note, she likes to call Uncle Al, Unce Al, I didn’t miss the L)

I love the things that come to her mind out of now where. We hadn’t talked about family all morning. Recently after their stay with us, her Nana wrote me and said that H has a tender heart. It’s true! She prays for her family by name at bed time and even friends that have come and gone out of her life. She has been praying for Sunny and Robert for at least a year now, every night. Is it wrong to video tape a child praying? I would love to get a video of her praying at dinner time, it’s priceless. Thank you God for our daughter!

After we were home this afternoon she said “Mama, I’m sorry I got wood in my finger today.” then a big sigh.

We had to wait until the pharmacy opened to get Matt’s shot (yep they let you buy vaccinations at the pharmacy here) so we went to the park across the street. That’s where the “wood” in her finger came from. It actually was a pretty good splinter but I knew I could get it out.
We headed to the Dr. for Matt’s check up and shot. This is the part where I actually became sad that she got wood in her finger too. She wanted to show Dr. Eva so I let her. This turned into the Dr. sitting her down and getting it out. Not a big deal. But that turned into a bill for 36 Euro for “Wood in my finger” removal. Sad.

So, we sat down to watch a “Dora” together. I got her a chocolate milk, which she spilled on both of our shirts, and she stole my apple after one bite but I will never ever pass up a chance to cuddle with this girl and dance to the Dora “We did it” song with her! She is the best!

Haley got to celebrate her birthday a second time with the Higgins when they came to town a few days after her birthday! She was so excited to have her “Dora party.” I decorated the kitchen while she and dad went to the airport to pick up the family. She loved the balloons and as soon as they got back I started up the griddle. We all sat down for a pancake dinner.

We were stuffed but it was getting late so we brought out the Dora birthday cake right away:

Haley was adament about putting the number 3 candle in the cake. She had been asking ALL day. It was very exciting when we got all the candles in and lit! She loves to hear the Happy Birthday song, sung for herself or anyone else! (Nana brought over some Dora plates and party favors for us to celebrate with!)

The best part, blowing out the candles:

and uncle Phil captured it all on tape, double flip style.

Then the fun really began when Nana got out her big surprise gift: