h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

As we are packing for our move to the states, certain toys are getting taken each day for the suitcase. Many of our main toys have already made the trip to the states in suitcases this summer and are waiting for us. So, as I started to clean out the kitchen I had an idea and the “tub-o-carbs” was born! I got a big tub, that H actually used to take a bath in, and dumped in all our half used bags of rice, noodles & beans. H has been having a great time stiring, pouring and “making soup or ice cream” out of it for me. We keep it in the kitchen so I just have to sweep up when it finds its way out of the tub. Turned out to be a fun distraction from the missing toys!

It will be nice to open up all our suitcases next week and have a mini-Christmas, free of charge!

He’s 9 months old. It’s official, he’s been in the world longer than he was with me! 18 months’s we been in love with this boy and it just grows stronger each day!

As you saw before, he had a big month and ended his slight frustration in not reaching toys. He went from “flying” on the ground with all his arms and legs out to pushing up and crawling in just 4 short weeks. This month we had our first “family dinner” where we all ate the same thing, Cream-o-wheat. He has become so excited by “big people” food and is starting to push the baby food away if there might be something real to put in and chew on. He loves mandarine oranges, banana, cheerios, carrots & bread. He does not like peas. Another dislike: his winter coat. He seems to get a bit overheated in it and does not appreciate the restraint of his arms. This is unfortunate since he is moving to MN in a few weeks! I’m sure he’ll get used to it….
He holds on to his crib and slides along makes laps around while sister and I play catch almost everyday. And finally, this will be his last monthly post from Austria. It was a great place to be born (I should know) but I think he will love America just as much when he gets to know it!

I think having a pink paci is just part of growing up with an older sister! He’s man enough to make it look cool!

A photo by H

Yep, he’s asleep, at the zoo, finally, 2:30 on the way to the car

Matt will be 9 mo. old tomorrow and there will be an official post but we just had to share this video of his big adventures this week. As you probably guessed, he’s crawling! It’s made him an even happier baby than he already was! Moving around the room, from toy to toy and even coming to the kitchen to find me once! He’s as slow as a snail and I keep thinking this is the perfect speed! I know what room he is in and what he can get into. We are trying to enjoy this time because with the moving, comes the no’s and it can be so frustrating. He’s doing a great job of going from crawling to sitting and vice versa, trying to open cabinet doors in his spare time! He’s growing up so fast!

The husband pointed out last night that I have slowed considerably on the posts for this blog. He’s right. I have been in a “bad mood” about it thinking that we aren’t doing anything fun, big, new or blog worthy. I was just looking through my reader, checked a blog that I don’t actually like much and was reminded by one of her posts that it doesn’t have to be big to blog about it. I need to get back to the small things, what makes these two so special to me (us). I need to “scrapbook” here since I physically can’t right now. I need to record these things while they are happening somewhere or, even if I think i won’t, I will forget. I want to remember and I want them to remember.
It’s been 10 minutes since I read her blog, I downloaded a few pictures I took today and they make up a little store about H right now!

This is how she likes her apples. Probably the same as most kids, skinless! If we are out, I have to use my teeth to take the skin off for her. In my head I usually think about how I’ve heard that the skin has a lot of the nutrients of an apple (not sure if it’s true) and I am just getting all that in one shot and she’s not. But, for now I’m happy that she loves apples!

Yes, the headband is new, thanks for asking. Yesterday we went shopping at H&M. It’s the most reasonable place around for childrens clothes (or anyone’s clothes). We were looking for pants for M since he seems to be wearing nothing but high-waters these days and we just needed one pair to make it through until next month. I think they put the girls clothes closer to the door on purpose. I have to walk past (I always end up walking through and around and around) the girls stuff to get to the baby boy stuff. H does not leave that store without something new, not because she asks but because I can’t resist! Anyway, yesterday I was shocked and excited when she said she’d try on an elastic-head-flower thingy. She loved it and this started a spiral of “mommy, look at this” and me asking her to try things on (She was in a good mood). She picked out the headbands and thought they were cute so I jumped on it. She got some wire clinky pink braclets (I’m not sure if they will actually get worn out of the house for more than 5 min.) and some new black hair clips with flowers on them. I have never been accused of being girly, for sure, but man do I love it when my daughter requests girly things. (Lately she will not wear anything to bed that is not a “princess dress” aka nightgown!)

Today, this is how she likes it. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!