h.e.h. & baby brother
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Dear Nana,
It was so fun to be at your house before. I like your Sally doll. The best part was going to Gilroy Gardens but I also loved to make cupcakes with you when mama & daddy were shopping. Remember we made strawberry? That’s my favorite and my daddy’s favorite too. I think brother should have strawberry cake for his birthday. It was kinda icky to crack the eggs and I was a bit scared of the blender but they tasted so yummy. Thank you for letting me lick the beaters and taste the cupcakes when they were done…again and again and again. It was fun to take some cupcakes to Uncle Phil and Uncle Jona down in SLO at their school. Remember how I told Papa to drive slow when he was in SLO? I love you Nana and I am trying to come see you all the time but mama keeps telling me it’s far away and I will have to be patient until this summer. I can’t wait to see you and swim in your pool with you and Papa.
Love your cupcake cutie pie,

Well, we’re a bit behind again….this time of year has turned out to be a bit busier than I thought it would be. Along the way, our “baby” turned 11 months old! He seems to be walking along the line between baby and toddler-hood. He crawls everywhere and thinks it’s faster than walking so won’t even try to stand up on his own. He is interested in going back down the stairs so is constantly getting advice on how to turn around to go down. He is up to 8 teeth now and has finished with baby food all together. He enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and liked all the “fixin’s” that he tried.
Out searching for Christmas trees with the family & Sam:

Santa at the tree farm, not quite sure what or who this man is:

This month he visited California for the first time! Of course this included many many “firsts:” meeting his Auntie Mandy, seeing the ocean, touching the sand, trying In-n-Out, try of cow’s milk, going in the hot tub aka kids pool at Nana and Papa’s and meeting 2 of his Great grandparents.

We also have started investing in prunes this month. (I want to remember these things but always wonder if at some point Matt will be embarrassed by this?) He has had horrible plumbing issues that have gotten to their worst this month and required a trip to the Dr. We had been trying to make changes (i.e. formula, food, bottled H20) on our own but it wasn’t enough. We finally found some juice he will drink and have started a daily dose of prunes which have really started to help this poor baby out!

Next month…the big 1st Birthday!

Last night when H was asked what she has been doing lately, out of everything she mentioned going to the dentist. It was 3 weeks ago but it was her first time and obviously it made a it made an impression. It was her first check up and it seemed to go ok for a first time. The spinning toothbrush (what H calls it) was her least favorite part despite the bubble gum flavored paste. She would sit there with her mouth open and stop breathing with each try. Even the seat didn’t get her too excited. She is a girl who needs to check it out in her own time and slowly work her way into it. In the end she was willing to let me take her picture with the Dentist and was excited about her new pink toothbrush!

About a week after the dentist we were out and parked in front of a children’s “salon” so I took her in for her first official haircut. (There was a trim of about 1/8th an inch back in Nov 2009.) This experience was much more pleasurable than the dentist and it probably had to do with the TV screens at each station playing Dora the Explorer. At home she hates the hair dryer, even whem I’m using it on myself, but at the salon ~ she made it through the dry. She wasn’t really asked if she wanted her hair dry so it just happened but she scrunched up her face and made it through. She walked out with some bangs and a much needed trim of a couple inches in the back! I’m not sure she notices but her mom feels so much better now (I’ve been waiting probably 6 months to be back in the states and get her hair cut!)
A bad “before” picture:

The “after” picture including a braid and “sprinkles” the stylist sprayed in.