h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

He’s one…it’s so exciting!
An official family e-mail has gone out and been accepted/approved to move the celebration date of his birthday to July 18 (half birthday) but it’s his FIRST birthday! So we still had a small family dinner/celebration last Monday evening for Matt’s first birthday!
There were 2 cakes, one for us, one for him. I found a “local” cake & candy store that RENTS the metal formed cake pans. I thought that was a great idea since you only ever use them once! I went down to rent the Dump Truck pan for the day and it has been reserved by another lady…bummer. So, in the end I had to buy it since I had my heart set on it but maybe Haley will go for the Rainbow Bright pan they had there for her day??? Now I have about 6 cake pans to sell on e-bay. Here’s the finished product:

And the little cake I made just for Matt to devour:

We had my sister and her family over, got a bunch of balloons (which are still creating fun times 5 days later), a new banner and sang him a little song! We helped him blow out the candles:

After spending a good amount of time taking his cake apart, eating some of it and destroying the rest of it, he decided to push it over the side of his tray. Luckily we stopped that situation. Needless to say he did not have trouble getting his hands “dirty” like some kids do with their first taste of cake (funfetti cake picked out by sister):

Even though we moved his celebration to the summer there were a few gifts for him to open. Just the right amount actually. My mom took Haley and her 2 cousins to the dollar store so each of them could get Matt a card & gift, they picked out the perfect things! Nana & Papa sent 2 great kids toys, Auntie Jen found a penguin punching bag for him and a family friend sent a piano book! He helped a bit with the paper but mainly went for the toys. It was a great evening of celebration for Matt!

I keep thinking, now I have a daughter who’s 3 and a son who’s 1. It’s going to fly by, I just know it!

I’m going to cover Matt’s first birthday in a second blog but wanted to get the details of his final month before 1 on the blog too! Every parent of every child has said this over and over and I will say it once again…where has the time gone? We looked back at his first year and it seemed quite long with the move back to the states in the midst of it all. He was born in Austria! When I think about that day, it seems like last week!
This month included his first Christmas, first PB&J, ordering & eating his first “Kids meal” at a restaurant, first non-family member baby sitter & the first time he said Mama (and meant it)!
We also had 2 dr. appointments this month (not check-ups) and a time of uncertainty when Matt would not use his left foot/leg for 8 days. The Dr. checked his hip, took X-rays of his foot & shin, it was mainly unexplained. She mentioned that a virus could have settled in his leg but thought it would have cleared up more quickly….January 6 was a great morning when he woke up and started to climb the stairs again & pull up to standing again. Now he wants to be walking while holding fingers all the time! God really answered our prayers for his healing!
He is a little boy now, with a mullet, pointing at things, trying to talk to us and getting into everything! What will this next year bring for him? It’s so exciting to think about!

Wondering why a 5 year old is holding him (Cousin Ayden):

Christmas Eve morning, a family tradition, Macy’s downtown:

Christmas Eve night, soup dinner after church. How hard is it to get this “classic” picture??:

Christmas morning, Matt has his priorities:

Opening his presents from the Higgins!:

Celebrating dad’s 30th Birthday: