h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

Sometimes there are a bunch of small things I wish everyone could know about or see Haley do! She is one funny, shy, opinionated & smart girl! So, I’ve been saving some things up and feel like I have enough to share with you. An insight into Haley at 3 and a half.

Skirts & Dresses! She doesn’t require them everyday, but we are getting much “girlier” around here! As you might remember from a post years ago, I am loving it. She has a ballarina skirt that is worn all the time and I pulled up some video on Youtube of real ballarinas so she has a point of reference. She just started her first dance class last month (more on that soon when I can get past the other mom’s to take a good picture or two!) I love matching all the tights with her skirts and sending her to school looking so cute! The other day I told her she couldn’t wear her black dress to Wed. night church because she has just worn it on Sunday to church. She quickly reminded me, no, she wore it to school on Monday. She was right….so she wore it again!

Lately, we have started our “hunt” for a new home to live in. This has meant a lot of time away from the kids in the evening and on the weekends when we can see potential places. Everytime I explain where we are going she says:
“I want to go with you, (pause) because I love you.”

There are 2 ways out of my parents neighborhood and it seems like we take one way more than the other. This more common route takes us by both Oma’s school (where my mom teaches) and Opa’s church (where my dad is a pastor.) She is sure each time that when she waves to Oma at school ~ “Hi Oma!”, that Oma is standing at the front door of the school waving back, even though she can’t quite see her.

There are so many days when I hope this girl never changes. At least once a day, she’ll say “Mama?” I say “Yea honeybear?” and she says “I love you mama.” She is so loving and cuddly. Each morning running over to me, giving me a big hug and cuddling with me for a few minutes. It makes me worried that we won’t always be so close but I keep reminding myself to enjoy it NOW! Here is an example of a conversation recently:

I love you mama.
I love you more
I love you more more more
I love you the most
I love you the big big most
I love you the biggest most!

I will be honest, I have been avoiding the “Disney Pincesses” as much as possible. We stayed clear of them in Austria and just at Christmas she not only got a set of 7 barbie size Princesses but she also had her first experience in the movie theatre to see Tangles. Now Rapunzel is her favorite princess and she is on the look out for a purple dress just like hers.

Whenever we are playing house or school, she constantly calls me “sweetie” and is always the mom. The other day we “went” to the store to get pears. She said it was “5 bucks.” I asked if that was expensive but she said it was a good deal. We “left the store” and she stopped to open her purse, give me a coin and told me she’d go with me to put it in the bucket so I wouldn’t be scared. (she was very fond of the salvation army bell ringers in Dec!)

She still calls oatmeal “Opium” but it made me sad yesterday when she realized it wasn’t the “veech” it was the beach.
She loves her blankie and it helps her sleep, but she understands that it doesn’t leave the house or the car.
As soon as she wakes up she wants to go upstairs to say good morning to Oma & Opa.
She loves to play games on our phones and the iPad dad gets to use for work.
And the thing that is taking up all her play time these days is drawing. Drawing pictures for us (of us, jellyfish, sharks, ladders, cupcakes, writing words….) and putting them in her mailbox. She then stands next to it and says “Somethings in the mailbox for Mama beep beep!” over and over until you come get it. She asks for all her snacks to come in the mailbox and oftens asks us to just “put something in the mailbox for me!”