h.e.h. & baby brother
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She says she wants to be a ballarina. Today she said she didn’t want to go to dance class again but when I asked, she confirmed still wants to be a ballarina. So, she’ll go, “I guess.” We finished the first winter session of dance class over a week ago and I have to say I was impressed with the things Haley learned. Watching her over the weeks she caught on, she followed and tried. It’s a bunch of 3 year old girls so they get distracted easily but their “final dance” that we got to watch went well. I like the video below because you can see the teacher in the mirror and you can see that Haley is actually one of the only ones trying to do the dance! She has two dance outfits, pink & blue and is VERY interested in patterns right now. So, we wear them alternating: pink, blue, pink, blue and “it’s a pattern mama!” We will start the second session on Friday and even though she’s not sure today….she’ll be excited again on the way there (classic 3 year old I think!)

Practicing first position, Haley is on the far right:

The final dance: