h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

I realize that waiting until next month would make the most sense, Matthew will be a year and a half (an obvious blog age) but he seems to be changing so much, growing up so fast and I need to get some things “remembered” about him right now:
*he always goes for saltine crackers first when he can get into the pantry for food.
*he’s a boy after my own heart; he has really taken to Mickey Mouse. “Running” back and forth at the Disney store between stuffed animal displays, pointing and yelling at each one.
*he runs, almost. It is more a swift walk but what makes it different from his normal walk is the left arm fully extended and swinging as far as it will go back and forth while the right arm doesn’t move an inch.
*2 things that totally get his attention in a store: sunglasses and hats. He has them at home but won’t wear them for more than a few minutes. He is currently sure that his sunglasses are only to be worn in the car even then, only for dancing to “Baby” by Justin Bieber.
* he said bubble last week, it’s probably his most concise word. Second would be “ahhh done.” – He also added “Opa” to his list on Sunday (My dad was pretty happy about that!)

* although he is not allowed, he LOVES gum, trying to get his paws on it in the van at all costs ~ this is a constant struggle since his sister is a gum-a-holic.
* the gum in the van has lead him to believe that the cars are actual play grounds and he could spend hours sitting/playing in them if I’d let him.
* he loves his green blankie but it doesn’t leave his crib, only once in a blue moon (and for photos!) This blanket was given to H by Justin’s cousin but it didn’t become an offical “blankie” until Matt took to it.

(can you tell he’s saying “cheese” in this one…it sounds like “eeese”)

* prefers water to drink and isn’t a big fan of sweets, at least not compared to his sister. Won’t touch ice cream.
* LOVES to read books and we always sit on the bottom step of the stairs when we read, his top 4 books being:
Good Night Moon
The Foot Book
Oh, The Wonderful Sounds Mr. Brown Can Do (one of my faves too!)
Tractor book
* there are two things he will start whooping and dancing for: his gummy vitamins and an occasional fruit snack.
* he only takes one nap and it’s gotten down to about 2 hours or he won’t go to bed until 9pm.

I’ve had a few moments this week (since it’s FINALLY warming up here) where I’ve thought, “that is summer!” So, I’m going to do a little joint blog series this summer to share moments that feel like the epitome of summer. Last night we were really really late in getting to bed. It’s been so bright so late that even I lose track of time and then all of a sudden it’s time for bed. When Matt finally went down, I came back downstairs and Haley said “good, brother is in bed!” She hadn’t said anything like that before and at first I was a bit sad, but since Justin was gone at work on an emergency it turned out to be fun for just her and I to spend a bit of time together before bed. She twisted my arm and I cut up the watermelon we got yesterday for her. She had been asking me all day. I personally hate watermelon with every fiber of my being, so honestly, I don’t even like to cut it up. But we sat at the counter together and she ate while I cut. It was a nice time and when I looked over at her, all sweaty from playing outside, big red drips of watermelon juice coming off her chin – that’s when I thought – “that is summer!”