h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

A church softball game with one child on the playground and my boy throwing a ball and/or rocks around the dugout. A huge victory and a church ice cream social after with root beer floats and blankets on the grass.

My daughter insisting it’s not too hot outside and begging to stay out. Sweating but loving the heat, playing with her princesses on the playground. Asking me to climb up and put them each down the slide and she’ll catch them. Knocking on the patio door to tell me I can have a drink of her water on the steps if I need a drink. Knocking again to ask me “Mama, what do you wish for? I wish I could fly!” then changing her mind to “I wish I could play on a rainbow!” Summer to me today is a girl being 3, with a skinned knee and 2 bug bites on her head!