h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

Well, we are making H’s Halloween costume this year, of course I am loving it! I was a bit hesitant to ask her right out what she wanted to be. I thought about giving her a few choices and narrowing it down for her. In all honesty, I just didn’t want to do a Disney Princess. But then we were in the car in early September and I just asked her, held my breath and waited. It didn’t take but a few seconds and she said “A pumpkin princess!” Perfect! I can do that! Still a princess but a unique one! So a plan started to form in my head and away we go. Of course it’s turning out to be more expensive than buying say, a Disney Princess costume….but I think it’s worth it!

We found this wood pumpkin “mask” and I thought it would be perfect as H’s contribution to the costume:

I think we’re going to add some glitter to the mask too. Try to contain your excitement in seeing the finished product!

Haley seems to have quite a knack for thinking of, shall we say, unconventional names. She isn’t totally happy when her toys or dolls have what you might call a “normal” name. For instance, her favorite baby doll was given the name Sally at Christmas when she arrived. Probably 6 weeks into their new life together, H renamed her Vena.

Also at Christmas H got her doll house. She loves it and all the people who live there. For her birthday this summer we got her the “Wedding couple” who could live there and come dressed for a wedding. (Something she is very interested in right now)

Right away the woman was named Tiona. My only thought on where this name came from was that she had recently seen Shrek and maybe Fiona had turned into Tiona in her mind? I think it was also later that day that Tiona was given a last name: Genia. I don’t even have a thought on where that came from. But there she was, the bride: Tiona Genia.
Somehow I was able to name the groom and I picked the name of a good friends son: Kenneth.
Later that night we were all 4 in the car and telling daddy about the new names of her people. H got loud and said “Everyone think of a last name or Kenneth!” So I said “Smith!” and right away she declined that suggestion. I laughed and said “How about Azari?” It struck her fancy and she was so excited! Kenneth Azari and Tiona Genia! The perfect doll house couple!

(Please notice H making the kissing sound with her lips!)
I does make me wonder, what will this girl of mine decide to name my grandchildren someday? That should be exciting!

P.S. Later that week we were at the zoo with auntie Jen & the cousins. H decided that the 2 jaguars were named “Leapo and Leo” and that the Panda was “Amanda the panda” – in actuality it was a stuffed animal at the gift shop, there is no Panda at the MN Zoo.