h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

I had mentioned at the end of the last post a forth coming picture of Haley in her Pumpkin Princess costume…and here she is! The skirt turned out to be quite large but fun (including 4+ trips to Jo Ann’s)! We trick-or-treated around our small neighborhood at 5pm then headed over to my sisters house to do a big loop there with the cousins, Ben & Ayden aka Captain Jack & Thor! It worked out really well!

Matt (on the right) encountered another monkey which was very strange for the suburbs in MN! It was our neighbor Jack, they weren’t quite sure what to make of the situation!

November seems to be lacking in pictures but it was fun none the less! Haley’s interest in photography grew substantially, getting good at picking up the “big camera” (making sure to put the strap on!) and shooting. She often turns the camera on it’s side or tells us to move a bit this way or that. It’s not a guaranteed good picture, but I for one am very thankful to have someone in the house who can take pictures of me and Matt together if I want/need. I also tend to think her pictures reflect more about real life from her perspective! She has improved a lot over the last couple months!

We discovered the little “Shopper in training” carts at the grocery (I’m not sure how I’ve been missing them for a year!)

My guess is that due to hosting our first Thanksgiving, pictures weren’t a top priority in November. Even on Thanksgiving day they took a back seat to the food & hosting! A bummer and lesson learned – ask someone else to be in charge of pictures. We had my parents and my sister with family to our place this year. Haley named the Turkey early on, Shalulu, and there was talk of heartache when the time to eat her would come but we had no trouble and Haley was ready to carve it up!

Kids table:

Matt after a nap at the big table with Oma:

The days after Thanksgiving brought a trek through a Christmas tree farm, a hay ride at that farm driven by the grinch, visiting a Christmas Mart in a German town near by (really incomparable to the ones in Austria) and a train ride with Santa.

At the very end of the month, Haley decided it was time to use her allowance (well, more like the money in her piggy bank that came from various places, including Papa’s donation back in May). It was really the first understanding of the value of money and using it wisely. Did she? I guess she is still playing with the toy she picked out so it wasn’t the worst thing she could have gotten. Her ZuZuPuppy is name Palooza and she comes out of the “Haley Bucket” every couple weeks to play with us.

My kids are the best and because I feel like each moment shouldn’t be forgotten I will be a better blogger in the future…they deserve it!