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I decided to do another scrapbook documenting the month of December 2011 so the sheer volume of pictures is quite opposite from November. It was a blur and as I pray it will go slower next Christmas I fear it might be like this for quite a few years to come with smaller children who enjoy doing fun Christmas and Holiday type things! I want to do all of them now when there is interest and amazement! This month brought so many activities: hot chocolate, Christmas lights, Nativity sets, gingerbread houses and 4 different “Christmas’.” Here are some highlights of December in pictures (minus the week around Christmas that was spent in CA – a separate blog post required!)
Dad was sick on the first night of December so the kids and I decorated the tree so it would be bright and shiny when he woke the next morning!

Haley was pretty excited to decorate her own tree in her room, excited to fall asleep to the glow each night.

Our church Christmas program always includes 2 songs by the “little ones.” Haley went to a few rehearsals and 2 performances to sing “Jingle Jingle Happy Bells” and “Jesus loves me” – it was very cute and very entertaining

Some of our friends were surprised to deliver their baby boy 4 few weeks early. So, Justin, H & I headed down to the hospital after church on his birthday and H got to hold him. She really really enjoyed this experience, being a bit older than when M was born and a LOT more into babies! Welcome baby Jesse!

Mid December we grouped 2 family traditions into one night and headed downtown for the afternoon & evening. We saw the 8th floor of Macy’s, ate dinner @ Key’s Cafe then bundled up for the Holidazzle parade at night. It was actually a perfect night, a bit cold but we all know that here in MN – it could always be worse.

Haley picked out her own Christmas dress this year (a bit sad for mom ~ not the choice but the lack of input!) and got a lot of use out of it! This is her good friend Lydia from church.

We have had such weird weather this winter that multiple times the kids were able to play outside on our playground in December.

And then finally on Dec 31st we got a tiny bit of snow…producing a bit of excitement.

We had such a fun December! If you want to come over and see the finished scrapbook, we’re always around ~ stop on by!