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Two weeks ago today we were at the Disneyland with our daughter! It was such a blessing to be in So Cal this summer and have a day to spare for the Magic Kingdom. She is the perfect age, loving the princesses and all the magic of Disney. I have loved Disney since I can remember and going to the park is always so exciting for me but, this time there were 2 things that made the trip even more memorable: Going with our dear friends, the Lindsays and their kids and being able to leave Matt with an amazing family in the area of the park for the day, not worrying about him at all! It really was one of the best days! The Lindsays have 2 great daughters, Tabitha and Charlotte, who are 5 and 3 and precious baby Henry was a prince the whole time not making a fuss at all!

We sat down the day before with an extra map that Jeff had on hand…he might love both Disney and planning even more than I do! We made a plan and agreed to meet at the park at 8AM. The Lindsays left San Diego at 6:30 am and we were only 10 minutes behind them after leaving Matt. It worked out perfectly. It took about 3 minutes after entering the park for me to confirm that leaving Matt behind was a great decision! No stroller and all our focus on Haley!

Haley and Tabitha, are the same age and have been pen pals for about 2 years now. It mainly consists of repeating themselves in fairly incoherent paragraphs accompanied by a lot of arts and crafts. It’s really so cute! For the last 6 months, since this trip was planned almost all the mail has either talked about sleeping over or Disneyland. It was fun to have them finally together at the park. It was officially pointed out many times by the girls that Haley is taller (almost 6 inches!) BUT Tabitha is older!

Right away we got on some rides, and rode a few more than once when the lines were short. The adults really enjoyed Buzz Light year and I continue to try and beat Justin with a higher score but I’m not sure it will ever happen! After I had been shooting my gun half the ride, I checked his score and decided that taking pictures was more my style! When the girls got on and the Disney employee said they couldn’t ride together, Tabitha said “Don’t worry Haley, even if we don’t ride together, we’ll still be best friends!” They were so cute to listen to all day!

Haley told me after that “Buzz shot me in the forehead and chin! It was like little lazer bombs all over me!”

We also divided up, one adult to one child and jumped on Autopia before that wait was long. Tabitha informed Haley before we went in that this was her favorite ride because the name of it was so fun to say. I let Tabitha drive me around the course and she did very well for a 5 year old!

I don’t think the ride for these 4 was quite as smooth, what do you expect from drivers with no noses?

Our main event of the day were three 11:10 appointments at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique! It was in the plans from the first day of talk and was so worth every penny we spent! I had made a reminder on my phone and called exactly 6 weeks before the trip to make the appointments. The girls really were treated like princesses by their “Fairy God Mother’s in training” and each got to pick their “up-do” from 3 choices. It included make-up, nails, tiara, sash, princess bag, lots of glitter and a big reveal in the magic mirror. So perfect for 5 year old girls! Each one also got their own new costume (that we brought from home to save a few dollars!) and were the talk of the park as we walked around the rest of the day!

I imagine in this picture that Haley is thinking to herself “I knew pink was the right choice over blue nails, I love pink so much and it really is my favorite color!”

And the final product: Princess Haley – Rapunzel Wedding dress

Here are all the girls, Tabitha chose the Brave costume and Charlotte was Ariel

After that it was lunch and then total necessity to find some of the princesses and meet them. So we did…

When Charlotte met Snow White and the wicked witch, she said to the witch…”You need to have a happy heart.” The witch said that was about the cutest thing she had ever heard. It really is so fun to experience things with kids, through kids. Even if that means a time out on the curb in the middle of Disneyland for fighting! Take the good with the bad!
We rode as many rides as the girls wanted. Haley was a bit hesitant on most and was fairly relieved when we found out that Tabitha didn’t meet the height requirement for the Matterhorn, sadly it brought Tabitha to tears. Justin attempted to remove the sword from the stone but will have to spend a few more years at the gym before the next go around.

At dinner it was time to sit in the shade a bit and re-apply the makeup!

We reserved our spots at 8pm for the 9:30 fireworks over the castle and took turns protecting enough space for all of us. At 8:50 the dad’s and girls came back from a ride, sat down for treats – cotton candy and churros (pure sugar, mind you!) and by 9:25 all 4 kids were dead to the world, asleep in the strollers. It was impossible to wake Haley, even when we tried. So, the 4 of us stood there with sleeping kids all around and enjoyed an amazing music and fireworks show together without interruption, actually a perfect ending to the day!