h.e.h. & baby brother
watch us grow

Time is flying by. Matthew is 5 months old. This has been a big month with lots of new things to experience. This month, we’ll say it with pictures:

Really enjoying the Johnny Jump Up now that his toes can touch. We tried a phone book but he pushed it away with his feet.

We enjoy the walker everyday, sometimes more than once. Mostly when mom is cooking or doing dishes in the kitchen. He is getting so good at pushing backwards and his sister is getting good at saying “brother is stuck again” then pushing him forward so he start again.

Matt sat up on his own this month! He is practically bent in half when he does it and sometimes I swear I can see his feet turning purple. It is so fun to practice this. This is a pic from his first time.

He is started this month to be able to “participate” in reading book with his sister. It’s great, he really sees the pages and watching until the end.

This was Matt at his first school event for his sister. I had to laugh at this picture because I just know that it was the first in a long line of “school events” that he will have to attend and will not want to. Even at the age of 5 mo. he looks “bored” and probably wishing he were somewhere else!

He is now eating a full 6 oz. at each feeding. Still taking about 3 naps a day but they are getting shorter. He is watching everything, turning his head all over the place. And just these last few days of being 4 mo. old he has started to push with his right foot and look left, getting ready to roll over! He is in such a fun and exciting stage of life!

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