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It is a story of highs and lows! We had just finished dinner last night, all together and were playing a bit before bed. At about 7:20 pm Haley crawled away from me down the hall, I watched her go and asked her “where are you going?” She stopped, then started crying and within a second or 2 she was crying hard. I went over, wondering what she could be crying that hard about on the floor. Something was in her hand, I opened it and the wasp was still in her hand that had stung her right on the thumb. Within minutes her whole hand was red and swelling up! We have had an invasion lately of these wasps that come in and sit on surfaces without making much noise, that was the 3rd one we killed yesterday alone! We ran to the Benadryl and got ice for her hand. To make a long night into a couple sentences, we checked somethings out on line, gave her Tylenol, kept her up to watch for a larger reaction and then tried to help her go to bed for the next 3 hours. Our hearts were broken, she was in so much pain!

Baby\'s red hand and tears!

Baby's red hand and tears!

Watching Baby Einstein to keep her mind off the pain

Watching Baby Einstein to keep her mind off the pain

This morning we went outside the house having talked about where they could be coming from and took a look. With H in the backpack and 2 co-workers we looked and found the nest they were building right outside our bedroom window. We confirmed it with binoculars and I let Justin know! He geared up and got on a ladder out our window to spray them with some “Vandal!” It will probably take a few doses to kill them all but we are so happy to have found them. Haley is doing much better today, she is using her hand and now sleeping for the night, her hand has gone down quite a bit and is no longer red.  It was a parental learning experience!

Dad to the rescue!

Dad to the rescue!

3 Responses to “Daddy Killed the bad guys”

  • Kristy Lindsay Says:

    That is the saddest story I have heard in awhile! btw-she is looking tall! And lean…

  • Ginette Says:

    She is so sad! Poor Haley!!! That would suck. And what a parental learning experience for sure! So so sad…. :(

  • TMOM Says:

    This breaks my heart! There’s nothing like a sting! Poor baby! We are so glad to hear that “daddy killed the bad guys” so youall can sleep and Haley won’t endure another stinging event!