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I am recommitting myself to our blogs! (If you only follow this one, we also have a family blog at www.higginsfamilyadventures.com) I have been a slacker when it comes to writing in my children’s journals and I have not done anything resembling scrapbooking in almost a year so this is where it needs to get recorded if it’s going to be remembered!

It’s been a few weeks now and honestly he’s almost ready for another trim but our little Matt, had his first hair cut last month. He went from being a baby with a mullet to a little man. It was amazing how much it changed his look and how I look at him! Here are some of his “before” shots from that morning, so you get a feeling for the mullet in all its glory:

I wasn’t sure if I would have to hold Matt for the cut so Auntie Jen, cousins Ben & Ayden all came out for the big event! I needed back up photographers and “attention getters” if things got bad! We paid a bit extra and hit the “Kids Kutz.” Luckily they had a booster seat just his size and at first he was ok, not excited but not getting upset.

Things did take a turn for the worst about half way through the cut. I would have said he didn’t do well overall IF I had not heard/seen the little boy before him get his hair cut! It’s all about perspective right? After seeing that kid I would say that Matt did pretty well! Thanks kid! Part of me felt a bit bad for taking pictures of my son crying and not really doing much about it but the pictures were so classic and his cousins stepped in to distract him right away.

We got the St.Patrick’s day discount and headed to Subway for lunch. He was over it! Here are a few of his “after” pictures…our little man:

(The scrape on his nose is from the slight incline of our driveway. It proved to be too much for Matt who was still getting his sea legs at the time!)

3 Responses to “His first cut”

  • Ginette Says:

    what a cute little man! The cut looks so great! :)

  • kristy Says:

    yep, make shim look like a big boy! the pictures are classic! good idea, coming with back-up!!

    And so glad you are recommitting! every time I open google reader I look for your blogs first. Sometimes even with over 300 unread blogs I close it immediately after seeing no BabyHiggins/Higgins Family highlighted. Bummed and sad. Welcome back!

  • Auntie Mandy Says:

    I LOVE the photo of him crying! That’s hilarious (not that he’s sad, but that you captured it so perfectly). He is such a cutie pie!