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There are some things that are “Facebook worthy” and then there are the more important things that are “blog worthy.” Tonight we had my parents over for some pizza and as always Haley wanted to pray. It was a blog worthy prayer, starting out as usual but taking a turn that had all the adults trying to cover their faces to hide the smiles and laughing!

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for this food.
Thank you for our family.
For washing our sins away.
For dying on the cross.
Thank you for Easter….eggs.
For the candy inside the eggs.
For this season.
In Jesus name,

It was the pause before the “eggs” that got us all. For a second there I thought she had finally understood Easter and all our talks had been fruitful! I’m sure she is understanding some of it and in the mean time, we’ll just keep asking her if she wants to pray before dinner!

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