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I would say that it was Haley’s first time hosting a party, she did really really well. I mean, I did most of the decorating, inviting and prep work but she helped with all the decisions. It was the first time she had a group of her gf’s over for a party. I think it’s important for her to learn the in’s and out’s of entertaining so why not start now and have some fun with it!

We hosted a valentine cookie party for the 6 girls in her preschool class, decorating cookies & cupcakes then sharing some pink lemonade and red candy! Each girl brought their favorite sprinkles to share. I made 7 different colors of icing and put them into icing bags with tips on them, it was a first for most of the girls and they LOVED it. We had 2-3″ high piles of icing on these cookies with sprinkles in the middle and on top of the pile. They looked more like mini plates of spaghetti! You felt a sugar high just watching these girls to go town! Haley had so much fun and a few of the girls talked to me when I was in their classroom about doing it again for Easter! I’m so thankful that Haley has this group of gf’s for this time in her life! Thanks Addison, Grace B, Ellie & Audry for coming over!

We had a craft station to create cupcake toppers with stickers & markers. It was fun to see who really loved it and who walked right by. Their creations were all really great. Grace B kept making toppers for our dog Sam ~ so cute!

After everyone arrived we moved to the big table and let the sugar flow! A lot of decorating and a little bit of eating along the way:

It was a great morning, the girls spending time together outside of class and I got to know some of the other parents better. Matt even had a friend, Easton to play with. I think we’ll have to plan one more party before the end of the school year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • kristy Says:

    Oh Beth! Teaching H the tricks of the trade. She’ll be learning from the best!! Looks like fun! Can T come to the next party? If only!!