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I’m still uncertain what we are having for dinner and there is laundry to fold but I have to blog about my son! It’s 1pm on Thursday and he has already said 4 new words today. Two names, “hole” which he made in his hummus @ lunch and “pin-ink” to be able to answer his sister with! He’s a great boy, and we love him to death! I had heard from another mom that her boys started talking a lot more at 2, this is the case with Matt. His birthday was in January and his vocabulary is 20 fold what is was then! We communicate so much better and he tells us stories over and over. J mentioned the other night that Matt practices in his bed at night, just saying random words over and over. Yesterday he started to call himself “Tall Matt,” he was standing on the couch over me. He’s 37″ tall ~ I think he’ll take after his father a bit more than me in height. He is a salty over sweets kid which is more like me for sure. He started saying “O K” in a very distinct fashion last week and has been asking me “why mama?” for 6 weeks now. (Isn’t that part of childhood grand?)
With his sister and all his cousins in January:

Practicing his salute with Uncle James:

He loves to be outside and still runs like a baby which I love! He plays golf in the house, babies with his sister and tries to color “on the paper Matt!” He likes to explore sister’s doll house and barbies, always a matter of contention. He can bunny hop across the living room, actually getting air. It’s amazing how much more physical his is than his sister was!
His first time sledding with dad (also in January):

His best friends are his Opa and his 10 year old cousin Ben. Currently he calls him “Ben 10!” We deal with some yelling and a bit of hitting but he’s coming around. He could not love machines more: Tractors, Trains, Diggers (Back Hoes), Dump Trucks or Semi’s. He won’t sit on anything that’s not John Deere Green, even at Home Depot or Lowes. They all fall under the term “Dawgie” at this point….

His other obsession is Choo Choo. “Home, Watch Choo Choo mama?” Which could only mean one thing…Thomas the Train. He had a Thomas cake which turned out to Edward since he’s the number 2 train. We probably watch 1 half hour show of Thomas a day, I’m so thankful he’s on PBS!

Matt sleeps with 2 blankies & a pillow in his crib covered by his Dawgie blankie that his Auntie and Uncle gave him for Christmas. He is still a 12 hour sleeper with quite a bit of talking in his sleep at night. Takes a nap 90% of the time from 2-4pm but if he misses, it seems to be okay with him (Maybe not so much with me!). He enjoys a tubby and plays with his guys, prefers bubbles to none.
I feel like there is so much more to Matt, come over and spend some time with him if you’d like. He’d love to see you and I guarantee you’ll love meeting him!

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  • kristy Says:

    LOVE this post Beth! There is so much I could say… I love the pictures especially the cousins one and the one with him peeking out at the cement truck!! I feel like I know him so much better! What a great little guy!