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Left: Nov 2010 her first day of preschool. Right: May 2012 morning before her last day!

Last week was the end of Haley’s two years at Family of Christ Preschool. It was a fun morning the last day, going to chapel with her and a picnic at the park after school with her classmates. It was a sad morning too. She’s growing up. She won’t be be four for much longer, and for me, it already feels a bit like the beginning of the end! It’s only Kindergarten but it’s a big change! I don’t feel overly protective of my children but I do really appreciate the environment they provided at this preschool. As a mom, I’m leary of the environment we are headed into at Kindergarten. I can only pray fervently, know that she will be protected daily and take each day at a time. I am SO thankful that this coming year we (Matt & I) will still have time with her every other day. We’re going to make the most of it!

Chapel with a bible character and the puppet (Gerty) along with some singing and dancing!
The theme song this year was “God is watching over you!” and we would sing and dance to this video each month.

She has made some great friends at Preschool. Some that she’ll remain with into elementary school and some we will probably remember fondly as they head their separate ways! I think it will be fun in a couple years when we head back to the preschool with Matt and see these friends when their younger siblings are in preschool: a mini-reunion!

Audry, H & Ellie

Haley also had two amazing teachers this year (and the same could be said for last year!) Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Gunther, thank you so much for the love, time and effort you put into my child this year. Thank you for caring about her, knowing her as a person and helping her to learn & grow this year!

After the morning we had an unofficial class picnic at the park near by. It was hot but a lot of fun. I think the 6 girls in the class will see each other at birthday parties throughout the summer which will be nice!

Haley, your dad and I are so proud of the girl you are today and so excited to see the girl you are still growing into. We love you with all our hearts and are so excited for you to start Kindergarten, you’ll love it and be great there too!

Left: Sept 2011 first day of school this year. Right: May 2012 Good Bye to Family of Christ!

One Response to “She’s done with preschool…sniff, sniff…”

  • kristy Says:

    BETH!! My sentiments exactly. 5 and kindergarten! What happen to our babies? I did the math and they are practically a third of the way to heading out into the world on their own. I just can’t believe it! And I am totally with you on the leariness of public school. Thankfully God will be with them when we are not and I know prayer will be SO important. Love this post. So sweet. …and it made me cry.