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Birthday Cereal - Lucky CharmsThere are some days that it’s really hard to believe he’s already three, our little boy, the youngest…three! Then some days I can look back and remember a lot of it and it’s not that hard to believe! He is such a fun boy, he’s such a funny boy. He’s not his sister, he’s his own man! Very talkative and outgoing. He’ll start up a conversation with anyone and walking through the Home Depot requires a barrage of shout out’s: “Hi guy!” to every worker. He loves his sister, repeats a lot she says, always wanted to know which color of vitamin she is having and is commonly heard saying “I miss Hay-yee” when she’s at school. Movies are on his mind a lot, all different types and he’ll never turn down some “electronic time”. There is a caring/compassion he has for his family that will take him far. Asking us how our days were, how work was, how a dinner was with my girlfriends was even the next morning if I didn’t put him to bed. He can count to 12 and I didn’t teach him that, I guess it comes with being a second child. There is no interest in potty training as of yet but we have till September when it’s required for preschool. He loves swim lessons, Opa, “The Big Hungry Bear and the Red Ripe Strawberry” and Daniel Tiger.
Blue Mountain Mystery Cake
Earlier this month he turned 3, officially. We had his first “friends party” on Saturday morning with 4 other 3 year old boys from our neighborhood. They haven’t seen each other as much, being that it’s zero degrees outside but at that age, they all came together under one roof and played mostly separately while having a great time! Matt’s mind is mainly used to think about Thomas the Train so we had another Thomas birthday this year! This cake represented the movie “Blue Mountain Mystery” his very favorite Thomas movie these days.
Some of our decorations for the partiesTrain tack and loading
Each boy at the party had a “Train Car” with their initial and we taped down a track all around the first floor of the house. We used Matt’s “digger” as a loading zone for easter eggs and stuffed blocks, it worked out perfectly!
Boys in their train cars
Matt, Jack, Chase, Nolan and Karston, do they look excited to be taking the picture? Below was the closest they came to playing together when they gathered around the Thomas table in the toy room.
Playing in the toy room
Snacks and gifts
Train of boys
Our train of friends who came to celebrate Matt! I love this picture and it was such a fun time playing with all the boys, spending time with their moms and enjoying the morning! Thanks to Opa for taking sister to the conservatory for a few hours too!
Later that evening was the family party. We had all of Matt’s favorite foods at his request: Hot dogs (this included some turkey dogs and brats, I’m sure that’s what he meant!), Mac and Cheese (both the Kraft Spiderman kind and homemade), hummus & ranch dip for vegi’s and some cheetoes then swirl cake (chocolate and white) with “valina” ice cream! Good times and good food! Earlier in the day the boys didn’t seem to interested in wearing conductor hats but my family jumped right in! I love the second picture because even my mom and dad are wearing them while they eat.
Matt & Ben
Haley with Hat
We were able to get a post Christmas deal on a new bike for Matt this birthday. Wow, was he suprised and so excited! Luckily our basement is unfinished so there is a big loop he can ride around. His helmet came in from the garage and he was off! I made candy trains for all the kids who came through our home on that Saturday and they were a big hit!
Bike and trains
This year we started a new tradition that I had heard of at a mom’s meeting. Each family put a candle in his cake and told him how he was a blessing to them. There just happened to be three families and of course we were all getting teared up telling him. He might not have understood all we said but we are blessed beyond measure by our son. He is the perfect fit for our family and we love him with all our hearts! Happy 3rd birthday Matt!
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