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FirstdayThe last 2 weeks have brought about big changes in our life here on Evergreen Street! Haley started 1st grade on Tuesday after Labor day in Mrs. Johnson’s class. The biggest change for her is that this year is everyday school.Walking to the bus I think over the years she’s had such a nice transition going to school a bit more each year, but now we are in the thick of things. Going each day and having homework each night. I think there will come a day in the near future when she will miss this type of “homework!”
Neighborhood kids
Our full bus stop: Hailey, Haley, Avery, Ashley, Maddox, Karli, Lila, Penny, Samantha, Natalie, Joey, Collin and Noah. There are actually 6 other kids in the neighborhood to who go to Andover Elementary but they don’t come to the stop. Two of them are in Haley’s class this year, Owen and McKenzie.
getting on

Matt also started school, finally! He has been waiting for so long, dropping off Haley at preschool and then watching her get on the bus last year…now it’s his turn! He attends Family of Christ preschool, 2 mornings a week. The first morning he asked me to stay in the car and just drop him off….it was a bittersweet moment. I’m so happy he is ready to go and excited but he’s my boy! So, he finally agreed to let me walk him in and after we said good bye and got a kiss, he asked me not to drop him off at the door to his room so I obliged and just watched through the window after he walked in. He thinks that anything that starts with a capital M is his name so he matched his picture disk up on Maria’s spot but that’s what preschool is for right!
Matt & Maria:
at school
Another key question that will probably be answered this year with will be Right or Left? He seems to be sort of a switch hitter! Probably a righty but we’ll see. I just love how intense he is in his drawing, it turned out to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, of course!
Right or left
It was a pretty sad moment driving out of the preschool without any kids among the all the crazy other mom’s who know they only have 2.5 hours of free time before they have to be back. I love my kids and I honestly love to be with them, time is going by so fast!
On a side note, Matt has been leaning toward staying with me ever since the first morning which makes me a tiny bit happy in my heart but he still walks through the door of his class with a smile on!
We can’t wait to see how they both grow this year and how much they learn. It was comforting to hear Haley say that the best thing about her first week of first grade was “having such a nice teacher!” I feel the same way about Matt’s teacher!
I think it will be a great school year!

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