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I am SOO SOO thankful to be out of work now and there really are a lot of things that I have to do/am getting done here at the house before she comes. BUT, as I do little bits of work between naps and Harry Potter, I’ve had time to wonder: Could a foot actually explode if it got to big? I know this is a bit gross but today my feet have been more swollen than ever! Maybe it means she’s on the way today??? I doubt it. Thanks to a suggestion from one of my pregnant friends I’ve been utilizing the ice packs to their fullest extent! One of my other pregnant friends made a great observation that is becoming more real each day: It’s not that God it trying to make things hard, He makes it this way toward the end so that you are actually willing/almost excited to go through with having a child! :)

4 Responses to “I sit and wonder…..”

  • Erika, Emily and Roxie (From the Comstock Clan) Says:

    Hi Beth!

    We are all so excited and happy for you and Justin as your little one gets closer to coming!

    Emmy and I have been having an ongoing discussion about names and we really like Emma Erelyn Higgins for your baby. It’s perfect because it gets Emmy and me and my mom (Erika + Lauren= Erelyn) into the name. Just something to think about…

    We wish you and Justin the best and can’t wait to get the news that your baby has COME!

    We love you-

    Erika, Emmy and Roxie

  • Peggy Conner Says:

    Hi Bethie!
    I think your friend is right in saying that God’s plan is to get you ready to ‘want’ to go through childbirth! And, from experience, I don’t think feet will explode even when it feels like there’s nothing else they can do! I’m so glad you can stay home and prop your feet up with Harry Potter!
    I love you forever and for always!

  • Tabitha Lindsay Says:

    Am I not a friend? :( *wipes tiny baby tear*

  • Sue Kasdorf Says:

    Hey Beth & Justin,
    Your baby room looks great…now you just need the baby! Good luck in your labor and delivery. Don’t listen to anyone…it’s really not bad. I loved every minute of it! I’m a true believer that it’s all your mind set. Jeff and I were so excited for Jenelle’s arrival that I think we ran on adrenalin alone! The anticipation and excitement take over and the rest is a piece of cake! You’ll do great and you and Justin will be fabulous parents! I look forward to pictures! Love ya,
    Sue Kasadorfa