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Well, here we are on Monday the 13th, our due date right before the Dr’s apt. It seemed like it would never come and now it’s gone. I don’t know if you all know but we had 4 other friends that were also due this week! I was actually scheduled to be the first and here I am..the last :) But thankfully they have all been healthy babies and all the mom’s are doing great! It’s been fun to go to the hospitals and visit everyone. It has been beneficial to find out all the info from them, how the hospital really works etc!

Today is Sunday and my Dr. won’t let me go past a week overdue. So, we are scheduled to head in tonight at 9pm for an induction. I tried to give the baby as much extra time as possible, but she hasn’t taken me up on it yet. I think I made TOO good a home for her :) I would really rather NOT be induced though!

So, pray that I can get something started this afternoon/evening and baby will come on her own!

Otherwise, we’ll keep everyone informed in the next couple days as to what happens!


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2 Responses to “Due date come and gone!”

  • Dayla Says:

    Yeah! I am so glad that I stopped by the blog. I can’t imagine all the emotions the two of you are feeling today….knowing that by this time tommorrow little baby Higgins will be in your arms! Yeah! How exciting! All 3 of you will be in my prayers! Can’t wait to hear her beautiful name! Love ya.

  • Shaun & Theresa Says:

    We were thinking about you this week and decided to peek at the blog. Thanks for the updates. All three of you are in our prayers. Can’t imagine the anticipation you are feeling right now! Sending well wishes and prayers from MN!