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We arrived to the hospital on 8/19 and left on 8/23 and what an eventful 5 days!

Beth was began labor at 10:30pm on the 19th. The Dr. broke her water at 8:00 am, and by 9:00 am the contractions were strong enough and the end was far enough away that we decided to get the epidural. After a long wait to fully dilate, we were ready to start pushing at 9:00 pm. After the pushing for a few hours without making much progress, the Dr, as a last chance, tried using vacuum suction. When that didn’t work we were off to the O.R. for the c-section. I was able to sit next to Beth and try to keep her comfortable during the surgery and I saw little Haley when she was delivered. By this point we just wanted a healthy baby and knew we had tried as hard as we could.

We stayed with Mom until she was all fixed up and off to the recovery room. Once mom was able to rest, Haley and I left to mee her Grandma and Grandpa Higgins with Uncles Philip and Jonathan, then on to the nursery to check her out, where she was weighed, measured, examined and bathed.

Mom then met us in the postpartum room and all three of us were able to get some rest. I had a full hospital bed in the room with Beth and we had the crib in between us. Haley never left our room, and we were happy about that. Mom’s initial recovery went remarkably fast, as she was walking, albeit slowly, that night, and was able to shower the next day. Our little girl was born with an insatiable appetite and couldn’t wait for mom to transition from colostrum to milk. She wanted to eat 24/7!

Once Thursday rolled around, we were ready to go home, especially with Grandma Conner and Aunt Jen coming Thursday night to help out. All the nurses at the hospital were very great, but the food and the interruptions were getting old.

Both Mom and Dad are excited to be parents and are trying to learn as we go. It is going to be quite the adventure!

Click the picture for a gallery of pics so far

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3 Responses to “Our Hospital Adventure”

  • Dayla Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the adventure with us! Haley is beautiful!
    Beth, the pic of you kissing Haley is precious…..speaks volumes and brings tears to my eyes!
    Love you,
    Dayla K:)

  • Tiffany Says:

    She is so precious! What a beautiful girl!! I’m so glad you guys are home and settling in! Hugs and Kisses from MN:) Love you!!!

  • Shelley Says:

    Haley is beautiful! I am happy the family is all doing well! Thank you for sharing the pictures.